Thursday, March 8, 2012

Virginia Intermont Blood Drive Chaired by Charlene Hodge's Daughter

R to L: Alicia "Nikki" Stewart, Tori Starnes, Courtney Madden, John Carbone, David Power and AD Chris Holt

On Tuesday, members of the VI's Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) held their second blood drive of the year in the Cobra Den.

The blood drive is a partnership between the American Red Cross and the Virginia Intermont College SAAC.

The committee is comprised of a representative from each athletic team in the department and chaired by Alicia "Nikki" Stewart.

Virginia Intermont sponsors at least 2 blood drives each school year. The student athletes on the committee take on the responsibility of recruiting donors and volunteers as well as staffing the drive on the day of the drive. They influence their teammates and fellow student athletes to get involved as well by not only staffing the blood drive, but also participate as donors.

"The committee members are passionate being about to be a part of such an important cause," said Stewart. "They have really taken ownership of the blood drive and take pride in its success."

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