Monday, March 31, 2008

Slater/Douglass-Bristol Reunion News

Here's a November 2007 letter to fellow alumni of Slater High School, Bristol, Tennessee and Douglass High School, Bristol Virginia..

It's from Fred Delaney Douglass Alumni president and John Hogans, III, president of the Slater alumni:




We hope that you and your family had an enjoyable summer, and all is well with you.

Planning for Reunion 2008 is about 75 per cent complete, thanks to our hard working committess. Our planning reveals that due to the cost increase from our vendors and suppliers of services, we must increase the reunion fees to $115.00. The package deal will be $105.00, a savings of $10.00 if you register before May 1, 2008.

We are asking you to make an extra effort to attend this reunion, for it will be a sign to your local leadership that you wish to continue our reunion celebrations. Our numbers have been decreasing for the last few years and we need your support and attendance in order to keep the celebration alive. Register early, so that we can complete our plans and ensure space for all.

If attendance drops significantly, this will be our last reunion of this magnitude. There are several changes in this newsletter, so please take note and plan accordingly.

Let's all commit to come to Reunion 2008 and enjoy one more time the fellowship of our classmates, teachers and friends.

Fred Delaney, President, DSAA
John E. Hogans III, President, SHSAA

Monday, March 3, 2008

Please Send Us News About Other Black Schools in Upper East Tennessee

This is the link to news from other former Black schools in Upper East Tennessee..

Please send us updated news, information about students, and upcoming events and activities from:

Langston High School, Johnson City
Slater High School, Bristol, Tennessee
George Clem High School, Greeneville
Tanner High School, Newport
Douglas High School, Elizabethton
Swift High School, Rogersville
Douglas High School, Bristol, Virginia
Bland High School, Big Stone Gap
And others!

These schools and the good people who attended them, are very important to our heritage in Upper East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. Our legacies are a combined one, to carry on the traditions of the African-American school experience.

Please send news updates, information, and upcoming events to: